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Friday, 22 May 2015

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January 17, 2013

Counterfeit Air Bags Shipped to BC Buyers

Transport Canada is notifying dealers, repair facilities and consumers that counterfeit air bags have been shipped to BC buyers.  These counterfeit air bags present a potential safety risk to consumers.  The counterfeit air bags are nearly exact copies of genuine original manufacturer air bags; however, a counterfeit air bag does not function as a genuine original manufacturer air bag.  A recent test of a counterfeit air bag revealed that the air bag exploded, expelling metal shrapnel into the test dummy.


The counterfeit air bags have been sold on eBay by Igor Borodin (DBA Krugger Auto LLC) of North Carolina using the seller IDs "airbag_pros" and "borodin1985."  Transport Canada strongly recommends that a counterfeit air bag be removed from a vehicle in which it was installed and be replaced with a genuine original manufacturer air bag.


For additional information on counterfeit air bags, see:


The video of the counterfeit airbag test is also at .