Consumer Protection

Vehicles Under the Jurisdiction of the VSA

Vehicles under the Jurisdiction of the VSA

The VSA has jurisdiction to investigate complaints involving motor vehicles as defined in the Motor Dealer Act.

The authority of the VSA includes new and used cars, light trucks, motorcycles, mopeds
(for on-road use), recreational vehicles and trailers built for or used for accommodation during recreational or travel purposes. The VSA does not have the authority to investigate complaints that involve snowmobiles, ATVs, or any vehicles designed exclusively for off-road use.

Is your vehicle within the jurisdiction of the VSA?

Vehicle Type VSA Jurisdiction
New and used cars Yes
Light trucks  Yes
SUVs Yes
Minivans Yes
Motorcycles Yes
Limited Speed Motorcycles (LSMs)- Small motor scooters   Yes
Motor Assisted Cycles (MACs)   No
Mini motorcycles (pocket bikes) No
Motorized wheelchairs No
Dirt bikes/Restricted Use Motorcycles (RUMs) No
Recreational vehicles
RVs Yes
Recreational trailers Yes
Utility & horse trailers with living quarters Yes
Tent trailers Yes
Utility trailers with accommodation and a GVWR over 1,400 kg Yes
Truck box campers No
Park model trailers No
Boat trailers No
Golf carts No
Utility trailers with a GVWR of 1,400 kg or less No
Farm equipment (tractors, etc.) No
All-terrain vehicles (ATVs, and Quads and side-by-sides) No
Snowmobiles No
Boats and jet skis No

If your vehicle falls within the jurisdiction of the VSA, you may be eligible to make a complaint. However, there are other factors that may limit the jurisdiction.  For more information, see Consumer Protection Facts available at these links:

If you have any questions, please contact VSA Consumer Services.

NOTE: This is to provide general information and is not intended to be legal advice.

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