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Frequently asking questions about becoming a broker agent representative

New Broker Agent Representative licensing questions

Every person in contact with retail consumers at a broker must have a valid licence.

  • A Police Information Check

    A prior criminal record will be reviewed for its relevance to working as a motor vehicle salesperson and does not automatically exclude a person from receiving a Broker Agent Representative/Salesperson Licence. Police Information Check Policy (APPLY LINK)

  • The eligibility to work in Canada

    An applicant must be either a Canadian citizen or have legal status to work in Canada. Non-residents of Canada must have a valid work permit for retail vehicle sales.

  • Employment by a licensed motor dealer

    Application can be made prior to employment, but a Broker Agent Representative/Salesperson Licence will not be issued until employment at a dealership is verified.

  • To be of legal age

    Applicants must be at least nineteen (19) years of age, the age required by the Infants Act of B.C. to execute a binding contract. Individuals may attend the licensing course and submit an application before reaching the age of nineteen. However, a Broker Agent Representative/Salesperson Licence will not be issued until all licensing requirements are met and the applicant reaches the age of nineteen.

  • To pay the application and the annual licence fees

Broker agent representatives must comply with the Motor Dealer Act and portions of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act. The VSA monitors compliance through province-wide inspections and investigations. Plain language explanations of these requirements can be found in:
  • Vehicle Sales Authority General Guidelines (APPLY LINK)

  • Advertising Guidelines (APPLY LINK)

  • Broker Agent Representative Regulation (APPLY LINK)

  • Update the VSA with new contact information

    Contact information can be changed online. You will need a username and password. (APPLY LINK)

  • Employment by a licensed broker

    Ensure a new employer sends in an Employment Authorization Form (APPLY LINK)

  • Police Information Check: Salesperson Licensing Police Information Check Policy (APPLY LINK)

  • Continued eligibility to work in Canada

  • Payment of the annual licence fees

  • Continuing education as required by the registrar

  • The Salesperson Licensing Regulation and a condition of licensing requires that a broker agent representative/salesperson surrender their licence for cancellation if they stop acting as a broker agent representative.

The VSA complies with the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) which replaced the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) in 2013.

If you are licensed in good standing with the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC), the Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA) will recognize you, once you have submitted a completed application form, paid the required fees and submit to a criminal record and background check to confirm your good standing. Once your VSA licence is issued, you will have 45 days to complete your professional development requirement by completing the Salesperson Licensing Course, which focuses on BC law.

Saskatchewan currently does not license automotive salespersons so a person from Saskatchewan must comply with the same process as a British Columbian applicant.

Broker Agent Representative/Salesperson licence fees

Broker Agent Representative Licensing Fee Schedule

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