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Licensing Course FAQ


You can take the exam online from anywhere as long as you have a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device with a webcam, microphone, and an Internet connection.

You can use a smartphone to access Adobe Connect that is used to record your exam sitting.

Position your smartphone so you are viewable within Adobe Connect and complete your exam on a computer.

You will require a microphone on the device you are using to record the audio during your exam session.

There are two links you need to use for your exam:

a. The link listed in your exam booking confirmation email under “On Your Exam Day”

b. The VSA Learning Centre site

It is recommended that you use Chrome for your exam.


You have two hours to take the exam.

We ask students to remain in their seat for the entire exam. Please ensure you are prepared to remain in your seat prior to the exam.

Exam marks

To pass the course, students need to obtain a minimum of 75 marks from all the course requirements combined. The four assignments are 10 marks, the 10 forum posts are 20 marks, and the exam has 70 marks available.

For example:

If a student obtained 80% on the exam, they would have 56 marks out of 70 for the exam. Students are required to complete the four assignments and ten forum posts to pass the course.

Based on this, the student’s final course mark would be:

56 (exam marks) + 10 (assignment marks) + 20 (forum marks) = 86 total marks (86%)

You will receive your final course mark by email within 10 business days of completing your exam.

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