Vehicle Sales Authority of BC

Board of Directors

Nairn McKenna, Secretary

Automotive Retailers of B.C., Vancouver

Nairn McKenna serves on the board of the VSA as one of two representatives nominated by the Automotive Retailers Association of BC (ARA). Nairn has been involved with the ARA for 6 years, initially holding a position on the executive committee of the Licensed Motor Dealer Division and in 2013 joining the ARA Board. The ARA represents eight different sectors of the automotive industry, and over 1,000 member businesses in the Province of British Columbia. Nairn began his career in the automotive sector as wholesale broker in 1998 with the Lansdowne Auto Group. In 2008, Nairn took what he learned working closely with franchise dealers, auto groups, and independent pre-owned dealers and established his own dealership – Company of Cars. When Nairn isn’t focused on his business, he is an avid athlete, CrossFit enthusiast and Martial Arts practitioner. He spends a great deal of his time mentoring youth in his community and building their confidence through sports. Driven and passionate about his community, Nairn is proud of his recent contributions towards establishing the Automotive Retailers Foundation. This Foundation, on which Nairn serves as a founding member, is dedicated to advancing education for the automotive service industry through the provision of scholarships and offering poverty relief through tuition subsidies. Nairn brings his unique and innovative views of the industry to VSA board discussion and decision making.