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Dealer licensing questions

No. Each location requires a separate motor dealer licence.

Your dealership can have more than one trade name. If you need to add a trade name, change a trade name, or change the legal name of your dealership, fill out Form 3b Notice of Change – Dealer Name. If it is a new entity (for example – change from a sole proprietor or partnership to a corporation), you will need to submit a new application and apply for a new Motor Dealer Licence.

No. The motor dealer licence is not for sale. A complete new application is required when ownership is transferred. Contact the Licensing Department to obtain an application.

Anytime there is a sale that is not at the motor dealers’ registered location and there are salespeople present. An offsite sale permit application must be submitted at least three weeks before the event. Review the offsite sale policies on page 2 of the form prior to submitting a request.

Ensure that all marketing members meet all VSA licensing requirements. This includes completing the Salesperson Licensing Course and a Salesperson Application form prior to the event. Employment Authorization forms also need to be submitted for all marketing people that will be attending at least three weeks before the event.

Salesperson licensing for dealers

You can search for your dealership by name by clicking here.

Your salesperson needs to be or get licensed. You can search for salespeople by name, city or number to see if they are licensed. Search VSA Licensees.

If they are not licensed, they can submit a Salesperson Application form or go online to apply. They will need to complete the mandatory Salesperson Licensing Course. Once an application is submitted, a Conditional Licence will be issued for a period of 45 days. You will be in violation of the Motor Dealer Act if a new employee is selling vehicles before they receive a Conditional Licence.

Having a criminal record does not exempt anyone from applying for a licence. Refer to the Salesperson Application package for more information.

Yes. However, their licence will only become activated once they are employed and you send in an Employment Authorization form.

They will need to complete a reinstatement form. Please contact VSA Licensing for more information.

Completing the mandatory Salesperson Licensing Course only provides a certificate, not a licence. To receive a licence, a completed salesperson application needs to be submitted.

Every salesperson needs to renew their licence annually. You confirm their status online by searching your dealership name here: Search VSA Licensees. You will be in violation of the Motor Dealer Act if an employee is selling vehicles and they do not have a valid Salesperson Licence.

Every person who in anyway participates in soliciting, negotiating or arranging for the sale or lease of a motor vehicle to a consumer. This includes all salespeople, dealer principals, general managers, sales managers, internet sales staff and the staff of business and lease offices. This also includes anyone who is bird-dogging or you may be paying to direct business to your dealership.

The VSA complies with the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) which replaced the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) in 2013.

If a salesperson is licensed in good standing with the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC), the salesperson must submit a completed application form, pay the required fees, and submit to a criminal record and background check to confirm their good standing. Once their VSA licence is issued, they will have 45 days to complete their professional development requirement by completing the Salesperson Licensing Course, which focuses on BC law.

Saskatchewan currently does not license automotive salespeople, so a person from Saskatchewan must comply with the same process as a British Columbian applicant.

Consignment Sales

A dealer who wishes to conduct consignment sales, must apply to the VSA for consignment privileges. Any application is then thoroughly reviewed by both the licensing and compliance departments before the registrar decides whether to authorize a dealer to conduct consignment sales.
Consignment means any arrangement in which a vehicle is given to a dealer:

  • to allow the dealer to sell the vehicle for the owner
  • under a conditional sale agreement for the purpose of resale by the dealer, or
  • to allow the dealer to display it for sale
What is different about consignment selling?

Consignment sales require a unique relationship of trust between the consumer and the dealer, with great potential for loss to the consumer. In order to reduce this risk, the Motor Dealer Act and the Motor Dealer Consignment Sales Regulation provide specific legal requirements for the conduct of consignment sales. They also give the Registrar the authority to determine whether a dealer will be authorized to conduct consignment sales.

No. Every new dealer licence includes a condition prohibiting the dealer from conducting consignment sales.

A dealer who wishes to conduct consignment sales must apply to the VSA for consignment privileges. Any application is then thoroughly reviewed by both the Licensing and Compliance departments before the Registrar decides whether to authorize a dealer to conduct consignment sales. The VSA uses additional reviews, inspections and reporting requirements to monitor the compliance of dealers, and to assess potential risks to the public, before and after granting the right to sell on consignment.

Read our consignment policy here Licensing Policies and Procedures.

A dealer who wishes to conduct consignment sales must have separate trust accounts in place, must have an approved consignment agreement and may be required to post a larger Letter of Credit.

Consignment dealers can be found using the online dealer search. Search VSA Licensees.

Offsite Sales and Special Events

A motor dealer licence is valid only at the designated location on the motor dealer licence certificate. However, a licensed dealer may apply to the VSA for permission to participate in a limited number of offsite sale events such as consumer shows, exhibitions or special sales. A dealer is required to receive a permit from the VSA prior to attending the event.

Permits issued for events can be found using the online search. Look under the Offsite Sales Events tab. A dealer not on the list participating in an offsite event is doing so without the authorization of the Registrar of Motor Dealers, contrary to the requirements of the Motor Dealer Act and Motor Dealer Act Regulations.

Offsite Sale Permit application

The host dealer is responsible for all individuals participating in special sales events as well as all activities and representations made as a part of the event. When an independent company or marketing group assists in hosting special sales events:

  • All participating individuals must have completed all the requirements to hold a valid VSA salesperson licence prior to submission of the Employment Authorization form
  • For each individual who is not already a fully licensed representative of the dealership, the host dealer must submit an Employment Authorization form at least three weeks prior to the start of the event. Sections A, B, C and D of the form must be completed in full and signed by the dealer
  • All advertising and promotional materials must comply with the VSA Advertising Guidelines

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