Regulating Industry

Fee schedule

Motor Dealer licensing fee schedule

Application for Renewal - Licence Category Fees (select one only) 

New Vehicle Dealer (auto, light truck, recreation vehicle – includes all sub-categories)

$ 3,197.00 *

Lease and/or Finance Company/Dealer

$ 3,197.00 *

New Motorcycle Dealer (includes all sub-categories)

  $ 1,279.00 *

*Note –There are reduced fees for dealers that meet criteria for "Small" new vehicle, lease and new motorcycle; for more information contact VSA Licensing at 604-575-7253.

Used Vehicle Dealer (auto, light truck, recreation vehicle – includes all sub-categories)

Six or more Demonstration Licences   

$ 1008.00

Two to Five Demonstration Licences     

$ 839.00

One or less Demonstration Licence   

$ 618.00

Used Motorcycle Dealer (includes sub-category)     

$ 336.00

Trailer Only Dealer (not recreation vehicle trailers)     

$ 336.00

Moped Only Dealer (new & used)    

$ 101.00

Additional Renewal Fees (choose all that apply)

Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund - Payable unless waived by the Registrar of Motor Dealers

$ 300.00

Consignment Dealer Fee   

$ 263.00

Late Fees – charged on all renewals received by VSA after the licence expiry date.

  • Fee for late renewal     

$ 200.00

  • Fee for late Compensation Fund payment

 $100.00 /month 

  (Charge per month or any portion of the month to a maximum of $200)

Miscellaneous Fees

Reinstatement of a Motor Dealer License

$ 150.00

Change Fee - for change of dealership location (submit Form 3a with payment)   

$ 250.00 /change

Change Fee - for any change of the Business Name or a legal name change     

$ 150.00 /change

(submit Form 3b with payment)

Change Fee - for any change of Shareholders, Directors, or Officers     

$ 150.00 /change

(submit Form 3c with payment)

Off-site Sale Permit (submit Form 4 with payment; see Off-site sale policies)         

$ 100.00 /day

There will be a $ 40.00 service charge for any N.S.F. cheques.

All VSA licence fees are non-refundable and cannot be waived. Licences are not transferable.

Please make cheques payable to the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC.