Vehicle Sales Authority of BC

is an independent, non-profit regulatory agency that oversees the sale of personal use new & used vehicles.

The VSA builds public confidence in the motor dealer industry in BC by engaging and educating industry and consumers, ensuring a safe and reliable motor vehicle buying experience. 

As an independent, non-profit, regulatory agency that oversees the sales of personal-use new and used vehicles, the VSA:

  • licenses motor vehicle dealerships, salespeople, broker agents, broker agent representatives, and wholesalers
  • provides licensing courses and continuing education for VSA licensees
  • offers consumer information and assistance
  • investigates consumer complaints and provides dispute resolution
  • undertakes compliance action as needed

Discover more about who we are, what we do, and how we monitor the industry below.


Our story

Learn more about the VSA and who we are

Board of directors

More information on the VSA's board of directors

Organizational chart

Click here for more information on how we are structured

Compensation Fund

Learn more about the Motor Dealer Customer Compenstation Fund


Click here for Privacy Information, Ombudsperson Review, Ministerial Review, and service complaint information


A collection of VSA policies

Corporate Documents

Find our annual reports and strategic plans, as well as financial statements

Studies & Surveys

Click here for studies and surveys presented by IPSOS, Malatest, Desrosiers, & MNP

Career opportunities

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Compliance action overview

An overview of how the VSA resolves problems

Registar's decisions

In a hearing, the Registrar of Motor Dealers acts as the administrative tribunal and makes quasi-judicial decisions. Click here for Registrar Decisions

Compliance undertakings

A voluntary acknowledgement by a licensee when they have violated the BPCPA. Click here for Compliance Undertakings

Judicial reviews

Decisions that are reviewed by the BC Supreme Court. Click here for Judicial reviews

Court orders

When the Registrar applies to the court to carry out statutory duties. Click here for court orders

Compensation Claim Results

The MDCCF provides compensation to consumers who lost money due because a dealer went out of business or has failed to meet legal obligations. Find out more about compensation claim results.